the short

Cloud to Ground is a 9-person collective of Austin-based multi-disciplinary artists and culture-makers. We are made up of visual artists, musicians, artisans, performers, landscape artists, writers, technicians, and builders. We seek to promote new works, outsider artists, and genre-bending projects that may not otherwise find an audience. And we love you.


the long 

Cloud To Ground effectively began in 2009, when Olivia Pepper and Katie Rose Pipkin developed their shared domicile, a tiny 1930s cottage on Austin’s north side, into an all-purpose pop-up venue and evolving art installation known as The Island. Themed parties, intimate backyard music shows, and curated visual art exhibitions grew in scale and scope until December 2011 when the idea of Wardenclyffe Gallery was born.

After running a successful fundraising campaign and finding an abandoned house on the East Side to rent and transform, Wardenclyffe Gallery launched in earnest. Named for Nikola Tesla’s long-abandoned research facility devoted to establishing universal free energy, the goal of the gallery and venue, eventually located at 1101 Springdale Road, was to provide a hub of creative energy to Austin’s residents and visitors. Wardenclyffe Gallery launched during SXSW 2012 and during its first week hosted over 75 local and touring bands, then immediately jumped into the visual arts fray with a grand opening and group show that featured work from 40 artists.

The frenetic pace continued for fourteen months at the location on Springdale, and as the gallery developed, the collective grew effortlessly from the bonds forged between the artists who came together most frequently to develop ideas, volunteer, and create unique programming. By November 2012 all nine current board members were in place and meeting regularly to discuss the future of the collective, and the next chapter was upon us.

Having closed the doors at our physical location on May 31 2012, we are currently nomadic, having expanded our focus to artist representation, cooperative large-scale installations, establishing artistic bonds in other cities, and creating site-specific experiential works for events (or for no reason at all).

Our goals are still what they were in the beginning: to create and foster unusual, dynamic, and compelling artworks within our wide range of media, to welcome new arrivals and visiting artists to Austin’s creative community, and to offer art observers and participants an opportunity to experience and to be inspired by new works on a daily basis.